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The View from Below

Well, El Nino gets blamed for a lot of things, so there's no reason we shouldn't also blame it for the lateness of this long overdue Spring issue. By this time, So Cal should be well on its way to being a dried-out tinderbox, but fact is, yesterday's company picnic was nearly a rainout and we may be seeing green for some time to come.

Here at Psychozoan, things have been busy, what with new jobs, weddings in the family, and much of the usual philosophical brooding. What more pleasant surprise could we have than the comparative deluge of submissions that we have received since the last issue. Still more touching is the pleasure that some of our writers have expressed on their work being accepted for these august pages. It was all enough to set Linda's moral compass to twitching. So here it is, the real truth about Psychozoan—

"No, this is not a real magazine. It's just a Website that is put together by a couple of nerdy guys in their spare time."

But . . . if we're not a real magazine, why are we getting submissions from all over the world from widely published, award-winning poets? Like Moshe Benarroch, an Israeli poet who finds the heart beating beneath the surface of everyday life. Like Janet Buck, who gives us a touching elegy and a meditation on the fragility of art and secret knowing. Like John Curl, who ponders our state of disunion. Not to mention the startling imagery contributed by Richard Fein, the penetrating compassion of Mark Phillips, the wonder/horror of David Sutherland, or the tragic emotion of Anon.

And that's not even counting the big stuff: an uncannily insightful piece on Heidegger by one of the editors (not this one), an unexpected redemption from Rich Logsdon (thanks, Rich, for accepting our challenge!), and some curious encounters from the stubbornly medieval mind of C. J. Rowan. Not to mention the usual assortment of iconoclastic letters from old friends, new friends, and soon-to-be-ex-friends. It's enough to make us want to get the Summer issue together in a bit more timely fashion.

Stay tuned . . .

—The Editors


Henry Nicholls, Heidegger's Saying and the Silence About Silence

C. J. Rowan, Some Interesting Characters


Rich Logsdon, Sweet Sounds

C. J. Rowan, In the Garden


Moshe Benarroch, Material Rain

Moshe Benarroch, Lisbon

Janet I. Buck, Hamburger Hill

Janet I. Buck, Assent

John Curl, The Destatuization of Liberty

Richard Fein, Low Note Coda

Anon, A Lover's Promise

Mark Phillips, We Find Warmth in Our Wounds

David Sutherland, Dasein

David Sutherland, Laughter of the Loon

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