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The View from Below

At the risk of presenting ourselves as some kind of literary undead, we unveil our long overdue second issue. We are pleased to present an e-zine which includes twice as many contributions as our first issue. (At this rate we will occupy the entire Internet in approximately fifteen years.)

In doing so, we have taken the opportunity to branch out into new subjects and formats. We present our first song lyric and, for those with audio capabilities, a sampling of the song itself. We have also ventured into science, an area which it seems to us has been sadly lacking under the rubric of "culture."

In closing, it is our fervent hope that we can continue to garner the same generous interest and response which greeted our inaugural effort.

—The Editors



I Found It at the Movies, by Bill Chace

The Method of Physics, by Henry Nicholls

The Definition of Life, by Joseph Morales


Bobby's Theme, lyrics by Mack Reynolds, performance by the Mystic Brotherhood


A Week at Larry's, Michael Weiss

Story Story (First Installment), by Rich Nicholls


Phillip Hyams

The Survivor Coming Home
Transparent Cuts Rewarded
We Are All Refugees

Michael Weiss

Truth of a Golden Land
Shining Penny
From Where Truth and Knowledge Flow

The Readers Respond


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