The Destatuization of Liberty

by John Curl

the executive calls the senator at the monopoly hernia
money bunion castration too much perfume
mass picketing is declared illegal
insurance abomination swallow your tongue
your lover's hand is like dry ice
a pillar of salt looks back at Gomorrah
liberty mourns through the dirty barred window
meets her lover in a secret melody
liberty roaming through the night forest
in purifying agony
you run your tongue along your lover's ocean cheek
you will be neither employer nor employee
the chairman of the board is paraded through the jeering streets
Paine and Jefferson go on a great wandering
collectivization is circulation of light
why did the lovers sleep with their glasses on?
the better to see their dreams

About the author:  John Curl is the author of six volumes of poetry, including Decade, Columbus in the Bay of Pigs, and Tidal News. He has published widely in magazines and periodicals. Visit John Curl's web site, Red Coral, for more of his writings and his new novel, The Last Katun.

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Copyright 1998 by John Curl