by Moshe Benarroch - 1993

writing poems to you
in a cafe
in front of the birds
the painter painted me
smiled to me
I wrote you poems
and wrote that
he was painting me
all the world was invaded by love
our love
filled the world.

About the author: Moshe Benarroch was born in 1959 in Tetuan, the northernmost city of Morocco and of the whole Islamic world, in front of Gibraltar. In 1972 he emigrated with his parents to Israel. He has studied natural medicine. He has two published books: The Litany of the Immigrant (poetry) and The Coming Book (prose), along with numerous publications in Israeli literary magazines and in many online and printed magazines in English, French and Spanish. He is a lover of American singer-songwriters music and writes reviews for the online magazine Fame. He has a wife, Danielle, and three children.

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Copyright 1998 by Moshe Benarroch