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The View from Below

Imagine our feelings on recently receiving spam addressed to Psychozoan, and advertising the services of Las Vegas call girls whom you can select from their agency's web site. One of the Editors was too shocked, shocked to even visit said site, but in the interests of journalistic research, the other visited and reports that all the women are named Brittany, Tiffany, or Mindy, and that none of them is smiling.

On the other hand, Psychozoan contributors have regular names like Chuck, Rich, and Janet. And, although we don't run photos of our writers, we're sure that all of them are smiling, or at least that they would smile if you asked them to. Nicely.

Further, Psychozoan writers don't get paid large sums of money for getting physically intimate with their audience. Instead, they receive that more precious recompense—artistic expression—for doing intimate things with your psyche.

Therefore, you can read this cultural journal with every assurance of getting good, clean family entertainment.

But seriously, folks, this issue is a noteworthy one in several ways. By decree of the other editor, this month's cover image is a painting rather than a photograph. Our categories of writing have also expanded to include both Reviews and Verité (true stories of odd things that happen to people). Several of our favorite writers are back, and several others make their first appearance in these pages, —or at least, their first appearance outside the letters column.  And submissions continue to roll in daily. With all the talent that's around, we should be able to fill up the next issue in no time. In the meanwhile, enjoy!

—The Editors


Rich Logsdon, Baby Tuckoo

Adrian Smith, Broken Horse


Chuck Baker, A Curious Tale


Joseph Morales, Three Writers in Search of the Paranormal


Janet Buck, City Snow

Lori Ann Curry, Progress

Holly Day, Art as a Metaphor for

Holly Day, Tall Drunk Guy at the Bar

Rich Logsdon, Talking Frogs

Anon, My Mother

J. Kevin Wolfe, God's Imagination

J. Kevin Wolfe, With These Hands I

The Readers Respond


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