Thanks for letting me know about the new issue, let me know what type of articles,photos,and stuff, your into. I'd love to get published on the net.

P.S. my idea of a good time is kicking back in my wheelchair and
working on physics problems

Charles E. Comer

It is officially the position of Psychozoan that this is everybody's idea of a good time. (Well maybe not Joe's)

—The Editors

I love you and your wonderful e-zine!

Happy birthday Linda!

Charles Baker
Training Writer

One might note that writing this kind of letter, as compared to the usual vicious personal attacks on the Editors, results in getting your stuff published.

—The Editors

I read with great interest today the assorted works of CJ Rowan: the "Myst"-like excitement of "The Spawning," the somehow familiar situations recounted in "Some Interesting Characters...", and the brilliant "In the Garden," so evocative of countless MGM field trips. Why don't you dedicate the whole website to this undiscovered genius?.....and stay clear of the likes of that insufferably pretentious Adrian Smith. Do please send my regards to Mr. Rowan.

Thank you.

Charles Baker
Training Writer

Another nice letter! They should make you a trained writer by now.

Can't really argue on the assessment of Smith, seems to take himself a little too seriously.

—The Editors

Phenomenal! This thing is improving exponentially with each edition.

P.S. How does that barely-a-teenager child know so much about Love????

Lori Curry

She reads a lot of inane romances and watches MTV's Real World.

—The Editors

Awesome web site! Wonderful poem from Anon ( I already have a copy!). Tell her to keep writing.

Michelle "Meesha" Sol
Huntington Beach

Wiggy, keep writing.

—The Editors

. . . checked out psychozoan . . . I liked your self-proclaimed nerdy endeavor.

Mark Stavros
La Jolla

Does he like the fact that we said we're nerds or that Psychozoan is in fact nerdy?

—The Editors

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