Laughter of the Loon

by David Sutherland

To be certain that our dual nature
of experience is

no less mutable than a fern's
reflection off a lake, or

a sunfish purporting magnitude
with glimmer in shoal.

One can easily believe a snowfall
or rolling mist is muted

under thunderous sky and
that nature aided with spells

hides half its ecstasy, half its pain.
A subject of lucid reality

personifies wisdom for an owl's
brass cooing, hypnotized

by its ritual marriage to
field mouse and engaged

in as sweet a horror as this
dimunitive sense of self

left staring at midnight,
amoral, untamed.

About the author:  David Sutherland has been widely published, with recent pieces appearing in The Hollins Critic, The Northern Michigan Journal and The Reader. He also serves as editor for a publication called Recursive Angel. His collection Between Absolutes has recently been published by Menace Publishing of Alexandria, VA.

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Copyright 1998 by David Sutherland