Cool page. I just entered it, and I am already a fan of this site. The article about H.P was extremely well organized and presented.
A loyal fan
Anders Vegger

I had a moment to look at Psychozoan briefly. It looks great! Can't wait to have a chance for a more in-depth viewing. Keep up the good work.
Independent media is alive and well!
Kevin Kelly

Hello. You are getting this because I dig your kreative krap. This is an attempt to stay in touch with what your are doing.
till later
Bob Xark

I checked out your website and I'm impressed.
Best regards,
Ger Killeen

Thank you to everyone who took time to write us with their first impressions of Psychozoan. We hope that the current issue will keep your interest, and stimulate further discourse.
The Editors

Why didn't you proof your article?? Two paragraphs are cut off at the end and I had to make stuff up. I especially enjoyed all the big words.
Also, I think your magazine could be improved upon by adding arty photos of naked women. Why didn't Mr. Chace write a poem about the time he was puking at Rich Nicholls wedding? That would be cool.
J. Carter
Santa Barbara

This would be Exhibit A on why you don't want to give your web address to anyone who actually knows you (or who knows Bill Chace).
The Editors

We were pleased to read your spirited expedition into positivism. We had recently discussed some of Ayer's assertions and were interested in seeing your survey. We admire the speed with which you covered so much ground.
We wondered if you had written more detail on the very core of the Viennese position, that a language of logical positivism would be sufficient to describe the world.
We also noted Ayer's statement, offered without further support, that the things of the mind were arguably not in time or space.
Have you written on these subjects?
Jim Strope

Thank you for the compliments on this piece. I'm afraid that the article in the Fall issue is the entirety of my output connected with Logical Positivism. I might note that my own opinion is that the Viennese project of a language sufficiently transparent to describe the world, would be both theoretically and practically impossible.
The Editors

Tell Bill that we have read his poetry and hope to see more of his work.
Anita and Howard Chace

This would be Exhibit A on why you would want your family to know your web address (sure fire fan mail).

I would hope that Psychozoan would be restored to its original use, as a second grade form of pornography, and that there would be a greater form placed in its stead -- a new major grade which might be called Spermatozoan.

Oh big man. Satirizing the literary style of a nineteenth-century biologist and humanist, as well as the creator of an ethical theory based on natural selection, now that he's dead. How about showing some guts and attacking some present day natural philosophers, and why don't you use your full name next time Mr. Anonymous Somebody.
The Editors

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