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Bobby's  Theme

Lyrics by Mack Reynolds

A red pill, a blue pill
Anything to ease the pain
My partner went to score heroin
But he didn’t come home that day

Now I hear he’s down in Chino
Doing five to ten for robbery
But the winds still are blowing
And when the frost surrenders to the spring

Maggie’s squatting in the corner
Her arms are wrapped around her legs
She had to sell the bong
When the help went off to catch a wave

It’s down in definitions
That makes a man feel all alone
This my friend he told me
While he practiced keeping beat on a bone

You might be right, you might be wrong
Is all that I can think to say
And do you have that same stuff
That we smoked the other day

Dylan he’s standing in the corner
I don’t think he know’s why he’s here
He don’t say too much anymore
But I kinda like his hair

She’ll be uphill, by your past
Don’t seem to be much like any fun
But I guess you won’t have to be alone
When it’s time to take the fall

A red pill and a blue pill
Anything to ease the pain
My woman went to buy heroin
But she didn’t come home today

I feel if she don’t come back things won’t be the same
I feel if she don’t come back, oh no

Like Bobby in the corner
I could live with my dreams
I could live with yesterday

About the author: The late Mack Dudley Reynolds, Jr. was the scion of a distinguished lineage of Southern military heroes. He served with honor in the Rangers and went on to study and teach wholistic therapies.  He was also an advanced practitioner of Kung Fu San Soo.  He is survived by his young wife, two children and two stepchildren. For more lyrics and information about the band he performed in, refer to the Mystic Brotherhood home site.

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Lyrics copyright 1986 by Mack Reynolds
Music copyright 1986 by Mack Reynolds and Joseph Morales
Photo of Mack Reynolds copyright 1998 by Joseph Morales