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Tara Space: Practice Texts Online

Praises and Requests to the Twenty-One Taras

A great resource: Tibetan text in English alphabet along with English translation. Contributed by Richard Menninger. Includes:

  • Taking refuge and generating the altruistic dedicated heart
  • The Four Immeasurables
  • Visualization
  • Seven-limb prayer
  • Homage to the twenty-one Taras
  • The Condensed Praise
  • Benefits of reciting the homage
  • Requesting Prayer
  • Dedication and Auspicious Verses

Praise and Request to the Twenty-One Taras

Tibetan text in English alphabet along with English translation and commentary. Focuses on the text to the twenty-one Taras, without including the practices that usually precede and follow it.

Green Tara Puja Commentary

By Khenpo Gyurmed Trinley Rinpoche. Mostly a commentary, but includes visualization instructions and some mantras.

Invocation to Tara

Given by Ontrul Rinpoche. A short Tibetan prayer in English alphabet along with English translation.

Supplication to Tara

By Atisha. A very short Tibetan prayer in English alphabet along with English translation.

Prayers to Holy Tara

Short English prayers, but containing all the traditional elements for Tara worship.

White Tara Sadhana

An English-language practice.

Supplication to Tara: The Seven Protectors

By Lord Jigten Gonpo. An English-language prayer illustrated by a number of beautiful Tara images.

Praises and Requests to the Twenty One Taras

From Ven. Thubten Chodron's Pearl of Wisdom, Book II. A somewhat longer English-language practice.

Prostrations and
Ways of Prostrating in Tibetan Buddhism

Instructions for the prostrations that are often done at the start of traditional Tibetan practices.

Some general Tibetan mantras (not Tara):


Food Blessing Prayer

Mantras and Dharanis Page

Prayers and Chants (Thubten Shedrup Ling's General Prayers)

Prayers and Practices (Osel Shen Phen Ling)

Seven Line Prayer to Guru Rimpoche

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