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Tara Space: Images

Online Stuff

Green Tara

At Buddha's Eye Yidams/Deities Photo Gallery, an image with explanation of the symbolism.

Green Tara

In the Virtual Thangka gallery at Osel Shen Phen Ling.

Green Tara (Dölma)

Painting by Andy Weber, with description.

Wrathful Green Tara

Image of an eighteenth-century painting, with description.

White Tara: Part of the Trinity of Long Life

Fairly large online image of White Tara.

Dakini Wisdom

Catalog page includes a large online image of White Tara.

The Sacred Art Gallery

Includes small images of Red Tara, White Tara, and Green Tara.

Buddhist Symbols

Images of a number of major Buddhist symbols. No Taras, but still nice.


Image of the Tibetan Buddhist Sarasvati, consort of Majushri.


Another image similar to the preceding one.

Orderable Stuff

Note: I am not affiliated with any of the following stores or organizations.

Snow Lion Publications

Very large catalog of Tibetan Buddhist publications includes quite a few art cards and posters, including several of Green Tara.

Images of Wisdom and Compassion Cards

Catalog page at Tharpa.com, with a number of Buddhist devotional cards including one of Green Tara.

Buddhist Art Prints

Catalog page at Ascension Mastery International, a collection of prints you can order, including one of Green Tara.

Dharmapala Centre

School of Thangka painting. Includes a number of small online images of Taras.

Dharmaware Thangka Gallery

Small images of a number of thangkas, including White Tara and Green Tara.

Green Tara

Catalog page with image of a Green Tara prayer flag.

Tara and Mayadevi

A collection of thangkas for sale at Nyingma.org.

Tibetan Clipart

Some free downloads and also some software for sale.

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Border images are from a White Tara meditation card and poster available from Dharma Publishing, 2910 San Pablo Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94702. 1-800-873-4276. http://dharmapublishing.com.

nbordrb.jpg (12698 bytes)