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Knowing Without Thinking

My shadow's gone. He took it. And he can't give it back now, because he's dead.

. . . "But what's so important about a shadow? Who cares? What good is it to you up there, anyway, jumping around in trees where you can't even see it most of the time?"

"There's more to it than that," he explained. "It's attached to other things that go away with it. I can't feel things the way I used to. I used to just know things—where the best nuts were, what the weather was going to be like, where the ladies were when the time came, how the seasons were changing. Now I can think about it, and I can figure all these things out and can make plans to take advantage of them—something I could never have done before. But I've lost all those little feelings that came with the kind of knowing that comes without thinking. And I've—thought—about it a lot. I miss them. I'd rather go back to them than think and soar the way I do."

Roger Zelazny
in October 25chapter of A Night in the Lonesome October

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Power in Stillness

Stillness in the heart of motion is the secret of all power.

A Chinese monk, quoted by John Blofeld in The Secret and Sublime

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The Organ of Perception

According to esoteric tradition, the "organ of perception," which can be tutored in the same fashion as is language, is what we term intuition. Although the phrase is often maligned, conventionally used to indicate random guesswork or a mysterious combination of elements, it should be properly understood as knowledge without recourse to inference.

Robert E. Ornstein
The Mind Field, Chapter 3

Reason, then, primarily involves an analysis of discrete elements, inferentially (sequentially) linked; intuition involves a simultaneous perception of the whole. The word "rational" is derived from "ration," to break into segments. The common element in actions normally considered "intuitive" —a great insight, a superb dance movement, an immediate reaction in sports, an overall picture of a finished object or building design—is a simultaneity of perception.

Robert E. Ornstein
The Mind Field, Chapter 3

Simply speaking, there has never been, nor will there ever be, enough time to be truly rational.

Robert E. Ornstein
The Evolution of Consciousness, Chapter 1

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Thinking More Profoundly

Only when one thinks even much more madly than the philosophers can one solve their problems.

Ludwig Wittgenstein
Vermischte Bermerkungen, quoted in The Philosophers: Their Lives and the Nature of their Thought, by Ben-Ami Scharfstein

The significant problems that we face today cannot be solved at the same level of thinking that created them.

Albert Einstein

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To Be Trapped by Thoughts

To truly know a thing, one must live it completely. Through the body. When the body has learned, so has the heart, the inner parts of your being . . .Your thoughts are just that. Your thoughts. They know nothing for themselves. They are just movements and patterns. They are tools of greater, more elusive parts of ourselves. And without training and discipline they are very poor tools. They trick us and tell us that they are the master and the center. And then we spend our lives trapped in their movements and patterns. Hooked like a big fish.

Kay Cordell Whitaker
The Reluctant Shaman, p. 24

When we met I asked about the linear qualities within the mind and if they were, indeed, something that could be used simultaneously with the gifts.

Domano sat on the wall and motioned for us to join him and said, "Oh, you have tried this. You know it is tricky. But it can be done. You need to pull yourself, with gifts in use, toward the south. To use the linear mind with big results means you think in sentences. But the sentences of your choice. Not mindless chatter. You control the direction and content of the thoughts. Not the old ideas and fears leading you by the nose.

"When you do this, the linear part of your mind becomes your tool, not your dictator. In the greater part of your mind, where perceiving is in whole pictures, you can learn to act out your experiments. Experience wondrous new things. Then it is the job of the linear to translate it as best it can into sentences."

Kay Cordell Whitaker
The Reluctant Shaman, pp. 229-230

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Unreliability of Intuition

For what is intuition? Brutally stated, it is simply a conclusion reached without premises.

R. Austin Freeman
The Uttermost Farthing, Ch. VII

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