Shining Penny

A stubborn beauty killing time

that shouldn’t have been hanging around here;

could’ve made it in New York,

could’ve made it in Hollywood,

but foolishness and innocence kept her back

and now like a blind mouse she waits.

Others stare and point,

she is ignorant to what they see,

at what she could have been.

They can’t figure out her ambitions

they don’t understand her convictions

she’s been waiting for the longest time

will always be the last in line.

She wouldn’t let them tarnish her,

never trade fame for respect.

Standing around like a shiny penny

beautiful, but most see,


tossed aside, no one picks it up

off the dirty ground, just lays there.

A prize for someone else with innocence in their eyes,

a prize is a shiny penny in the hand.

Shining Penny

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