From Where Truth and Knowledge Flow

Pains erased by the tumbling tide,

venting feelings kept deep inside,

Water cleanses a cavernous whole

left inside me, filling my soul.

Streams moving mountains stone by stone,

captivates me, watching on a rock- alone.

Problems tossed as a boat on a wave,

destined to sink, my soul to be saved.

Feeling the water, emotions submerged,

excesses pleasures of a man forward surged.

Holding onto last breath for moments of time,

the water gives power, images divine.

Into a stream I let faith go

finding wisdom of a thousand wise-men in its flow.

River knows many answer’s names,

seeing in it constant motion, yet form still the same.

Truth of life is clear in streams,

faith accepts whatever it means.

The flow of the river may sometimes rush strong,

like an urge to lose faith before too long.

But listen gently to the message and learn from its way,

for knowledge forever in water will stay.

About the author:  The multitalented Michael Weiss plays electric guitar in addition to writing fiction and poetry. He currently works at a music store while attending Junior college.

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