So they're here too
We were going to mention it
But the movers needed your business

The Chevron and 7-11 owners
begged us to keep you in ignorance

The radio
from Fresno to Medford to Tacoma
almost gave it away

But you never even noticed
because it always sounds the same

But it's true
Every office and cafe
knew your name

And that the life you fled
had left you private and tame

We just wanted you to know
Every town bears the same credo

Your life is not your own
until you know why you're alone




About the author: William Chace is a former journalist who has hitched his star to the burgeoning cellular communication industry. His poetry notwithstanding, he is an outgoing person.

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Background photograph: Hereford General Store, Thornfield, MO, June 1991, by Linda Nicholls.