Hendecagon (11-sided Polygon) Windings

Hendecagons have four windings where the hendecagons overlap, and only one winding where they do not. This is perhaps a hint that hendecagons are particularly difficult to put into any pattern that repeats across a plane.

Every hendecagon winding is made from exactly 22 hendecagons.

Windings 1 through 3

Windings 1, 2, and 3 each have nine layers of petals, for 198 petals total. In Winding 2, many of the rows of petals are compressed tightly around the center.


Winding 4

Winding 4 has only five rows of petals, for 110 petals total.

Winding 5

As usual for odd polygons, the loosest winding has twice the number of polygons as there are sides to each polygon (22 polygons of 11 sides each).

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