Enneagon (9-sided Polygon) Windings

Enneagon Winding 1

This winding has a total of 18 enneagons, whose overlapping creates 126 small polygons.

Enneagon Winding 2

This winding has 18 enneagons, whose overlapping creates 162 small polygons.

Enneagon Winding 3

This winding is a particularly attractive arrangement that proves to be useful in many tiling patterns.

Enneagon Winding 4

Enneagon Nested Windings

Winding 3 fits within winding 4, leaving room for a set of six other enneagons that serve as spacers. An oddity of this arrangement is that the enneagons in the central ring look like they are larger than the other ones. Actually, all the enneagons in this arrangement are the same size.

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