Musical Brothers - Cover  




Side A

Intro and Fanfare.mp3

MBs - Squatter's Song (Edit).mp3

MBs - Squatter's Song 1992.mp3

MBs - Purple People (Edit).mp3

Undeclared - Purple People.mp3

Kaptivators - Sweet Jane (Edit).mp3

MBs - Sister Ray.mp3

Interlude (Let's Dance).mp3

MBs - Veracruz 1992.mp3

Interlude (Disparaging Comments).mp3

MBs - Walk Away.mp3

Interlude (Paranoia).mp3

Nicholls Brothers - Gotta Serve Somebody.mp3

Chuck 'n' Duck - Ziggy Stardust.mp3

Interlude (Prof. Nicholls Holds Forth).mp3

Undeclared - Skinhead Rag.mp3

Interlude (Only the White Man).mp3

MBs - Coming Down.mp3

Interlude (When I Get to Shore).mp3

Side B

MBs - Intro (Thinking About My Family).mp3

Nicholls Brothers - Bye Bye Love.mp3

Interlude (Hysteria).mp3

MBs - In Hiding.mp3

Kaptivators - If I Had Possession Over Judgment Day.mp3

Interlude (Fanfare of Economics).mp3

Fabulous Baker Boy - In the Smokehouse.mp3

Interlude (Fast Moving).mp3

MBs - Poetry.mp3

MBs - Old Man.mp3

MBs - Spiro Blues (Edit).mp3

MBs - Games Without End.mp3

Kaptivators - Magic Carpet Ride.mp3

MBs - Love Rescue Me.mp3

Undeclared - Girl I Never See.mp3

MBs - Interlude (Thinking About My Family).mp3

San Clemente Slim - Stormy Skies.mp3

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