The Gospel of the East

Being the Teachings of Jesus Set in Parallel With Eastern Scriptures

This work collects all the statements attributed to Jesus in the four conventional gospels and the Gospel of Thomas. As in a conventional "Harmony of the Gospels" presentation, parallel statements from each gospel are set side by side. However, in this work, the statements are also organized by topic for easier study. Christians may find this an unusually useful arrangement for studying Christ's teachings.

However, students of comparative religions will find an added benefit, in that most subject areas end with related quotes from other religious traditions. The tracking down of these parallels is an ongoing process, and I would appreciate any suggested additions that you can send me.


Overture: Quotes On Religious Unity


How to Live

Doing Good Works

Keep My Commandments
The Universal Judgement
Make a Feast for the Poor
Keep the Commandments
Do Unto Others
The Good Samaritan
Whoever Shall Receive One of Such Children
The Unjust Steward
The Poor Widow


Who Among Us Shall Be the Greatest
We Are Unprofitable Servants
The Chiefest Shall Be the Servant of All
Jesus Washes the Apostles Feet

Works and Judgement

Every Man According to His Works
Whatsoever You Shall Loose On Earth
It is Not Enough to Say Lord
The House Built Upon a Rock
Every Idle Word
Two Sons and the Vineyard
Blessed is the Womb that Bare Thee
Do Not Do What You Hate
Whosoever Offends One of These Little Ones
Woe To Him Through Whom Offences Come

Earthly Treasures

Become Passers-By
Whoever Has Known the World
Let Him Who Has Power Renounce It
Whoever Has Found the World
One Cannot Serve Two Masters
The Camel and the Eye of the Needle
Lay Not Up Treasures Upon Earth
Who Made Me a Divider
The Rich Man's Barns
Consider the Lillies How They Grow
Of Him the World is Not Worthy

Fret Not About Worldly Things

The Lillies of the Field
The Very Hairs of Your Head

The Last Shall Be First

Blessed Are the Poor
Blessed Are They That Mourn
Blessed Are Ye That Weep
Blessed Are the Meek
Blessed Are the Hungry
Blessed Are the Merciful
Blessed Are the Pure in Heart
Blessed Are the Peacemakers
Blessed Are the Persecuted
Blessed is the Man Who Has Suffered
Blessed Are Those Persecuted in Their Heart
Woe Unto You
The Last Shall Be First
For He That Hath, To Him Shall Be Given
The Stone That The Builder Refused


Take Up the Cross
He That Saveth His Life Shall Lose It
In Exchange for His Soul
Whosever Shall Be Ashamed of Me
Forsake All that You Have
Fear Not Them Which Kill the Body
Who Forsakes Shall Receive an Hundredfold

Resist Not Evil

Resist Not Evil
Now Take Up Again Purse, and Scrip, and Sword
Render Unto Caesar
Of Whom Do the Kings Take Tribute

Seek and You Will Find

When He Finds He Will Be Troubled
Now I Desire to Tell Them
My Yoke is Easy

Marriage and Family

What God Hath Joined Together
Whosoever Putteth Away His Wife
There Is No Marriage In Heaven
Behold My Mother and My Brethren
I Came Not to Send Peace
Let the Dead Bury Their Dead
Having Put Hand to Plow, Do Not Look Back
But One Thing Is Needful

Instructions for Prayer

The Lords Prayer
Believe That Ye Receive
Ask And It Shall Be Given
The Friend at Midnight
Ask The Father in My Name
Where Two or Three Are Gathered
Use Not Vain Repetitions

Legalism and Its Perils

Not One Jot Or Tittle
This People Honoreth Me With Their Lips
For Moses Said Honor Thy Father and Mother
The Things Which Defile
Their Father Would Beget Them Circumsized
If You Fast Not From the World
If You Fast, You Will Beget Sins
Cleanse First the Inside of the Cup
Woe Unto You Lawyers
Beware of the Scribes
The Keys of Knowledge
The Dog in the Manger

False Leaders

Can the Blind Lead the Blind

The Sabbath

Lord Also of the Sabbath
Is it Lawful to Do Good on the Sabbath
The Arthritic Woman
The Man With Dropsy
The Paralytic at the Pool

Spiritual Pride and Humility

Ye Justify Yourselves Before Men
Do Not After Their Works
Be Not Ye Called Rabbi
Ye Strain At a Gnat, And Swallow a Camel
Whited Sepulchres
Fill Ye Up the Measure of Your Fathers
Lazarus and the Rich Man
Whosoever Shall Swear By the Altar
Swear Not at All
Let Not Thy Left Hand Know
Pray to Thy Father in Secret
Fast Not With Sad Countenance
Taking the Lowest Place
The Pharisee and the Publican
Beware the Leaven of the Pharisees

Materialism in the Church

My House Shall Be The House of Prayer

Love the Greatest Commandment

The Great Commandment
Love Your Enemies
A New Commandment I Give

Even Your Thoughts Are Judged

Adultery in the Heart

Forgive Thy Brother

Be Reconciled to Thy Brother
Brotherly Forgiveness
Forgive Until Seventy Times Seven
The Merciless Servant
The Uttermost Farthing

Judge Not

Judge Not
The Mote in Thy Brother's Eye
The Woman Taken in Adultery

Faith and Patience

Faith and the Sycamine Tree
Possess Your Souls in Patience
The Three Year Old Fig Tree

Childhood Insight

Become As Little Children
Suffer the Little Children
Out of the Mouths of Babes and Sucklings
When You Take Off Your Clothing

Avoid Temptation

And if Thy Hand Offend Thee, Cut It Off
The Light of the Body is the Eye

Temptations of Power

In the Wilderness forty days
Man shall not live by bread alone
Thou Shalt Not Tempt the Lord Thy God
Get Thee Hence Satan

Relapsing from the Path

He Walketh Through Dry Places

Spiritual Rebirth

To Be Born Again

The Spirit of God descending like a dove
Spiritual Rebirth
The Wealth That Makes its Home in Poverty
The Man and the Lion
Seek a Place in Repose
The Flesh Which Depends Upon the Soul
The Body Which Depends Upon a Body

Divine Judgment

Divine Judgment

For Judgment I am Come Into This World
The Tares
A Vine Planted Without the Father
The Seed that Bears
I Appoint Unto You a Kingdom


The Parable of the Creditor
The Woman Who Sinned
I Came Not to Call the Righteous
The Strayed Lamb
The Lost Piece of Silver
The Prodigal Son
The Wages of the Vineyard Workers

Divine Retribution

The Widow and the Judge
The Men of Nineveh Shall Rise in Judgment
Sinners Above All the Galileans
O Jerusalem, Jerusalem
Woe Unto Thee Chorazin and Bethsaida

Many Are Called But Few Chosen

The Wedding Feast
Blessed Are the Solitary and Elect
Strait is the Gate
Many Around the Cistern
Many Are At the Door
I Know You Not Whence You Are


The Father Must Draw Them to Me

Salvation Through Jesus

Jesus' Itineracy

Foxes Have Holes and Birds Have Nests

Rejection of the Message

In the Midst of the World
No Prophet is Accepted In His Own Country
Light is Come Into the World
Ye Are Of Your Father the Devil

While On Earth

Can the Children of the Bridechamber Mourn
Blessed Are the Eyes That See
Walk While Ye Have the Light
Look Upon the Living One
Near to the Fire
You Have Dismissed the Living One
She Hath Wrought a Good Work On Me

Servant of the Father

How is it that ye sought me?
The Spirit of the Lord is Upon Me
Let Us Go Into the Next Towns
I Speak The Things I Have Heard of My Father
I Do What Pleases My Father
I Have Not Spoken Of Myself
I Have Manifested Thy Name
Not My Will, But Thy Will
My Doctrine is Not Mine
The Son Can Do Nothing Of Himself
He Hath Sent Me

The Only Begotten Son

No Man Hath Ascended Up to Heaven
For God So Loved the World
God Sent His Son to Save the World

I And the Father Are One

Why Callest Thou Me Good
Who Serves Me Honours the Father
I in Them and Thou in Me
Now I Tell You Before It Come
I And My Father Are One
I Am in the Father, and the Father in Me
Before Abraham Was, I Am
He That Believeth On Me
They Have No Cloak for Their Sin
Father, Glorify Thy Son
In the Beginning Was the Word


The Son Quickeneth Whom He Will
I Judge No Man
Not to Destroy, But to Save

The Light of the World

I Am the Way, the Truth, and the Life
I am the Light of the World
I Am the Resurrection and the Life
Dost Thou Believe on the Son of God
If Any Man Thirst
Whoever Drinks From My Mouth
Who Finds the Explanation of These Words
I Am Not Of This World
Him Will I Confess Also Before My Father
By What Authority
Whosoever Drinketh of This Water
I Have Meat That Ye Know Not Of
He That Is Not Against Us
He That is Not With Me
All Things Are Delivered Unto Me
I Am the Bread of Life
I Am The Good Shepherd
I Am the True Vine
It is the Spirit that Quickeneth
Whom Do Men Say That I Am
Whom Say Ye That I Am
The Stones Would Cry Out
He Was Transfigured Before Them
I Pray For Them Thou Hast Given Me
I Pray For Those Which Shall Believe On Me
I Have Cast Fire Upon the World

The Last Supper

This is My Body and Blood

The Disciples

The Apostles

I Will Make You Fishers Of Men
What Seek Ye?
Thou Shalt Be Called Cephas
Follow Me
Behold an Israelite Indeed
Thou Shalt See Greater Things Than These
Follow Me

Selective Teaching

With Parables Spake He
I Will Open My Mouth In Parables
Casting Pearls Before Swine
I Tell My Mysteries To Those Who Are Worthy
Unto You It Is Given
I Thank Thee, O Father
A Man Lay Down His Life For His Friends
I Shall Speak No More in Proverbs

The Receptiveness of the Disciple

The Sower

Master and Disciple

Suffer it to be so now
The Disciple and the Master
You Shall Do Greater Works Than These
The Spirits are Subject to You

Missionary Work

The Harvest is Great
One Soweth and Another Reapeth
The Light
Nothing Covered That Shall Not Be Revealed
Ye Are the Light of the World
We Have Come From the Light
The Workman is Worthy
There Abide Till Ye Go Thence
The Salt of the Earth
Lambs Among Wolves
Ye Shall Be Hated of All Men
If the World Hate You
The World Hath Hated Them
He That Heareth You Heareth Me

Gentiles and Jews

Go Not Into the Way of the Gentiles
It Is Not Meet to Take the Childrens Bread

Proofs that Jesus is the Christ

John the Baptist

Go and Show John
A Reed Shaken With the Wind
The Least in the Kingdom is Greater
Children Sitting in the Marketplace
Elias is Indeed Come

Those Which Bear Witness To Me

Though I Bear Record Of Myself
My Father Beareth Witness Of Me
John Beareth Witness Of Me
My Works Bear Witness Of Me
The Father Hath Borne Witness Of Me
The Scriptures Testify Of Me

Every Tree is Known By Its Fruit

By Their Fruits Ye Shall Know Them
A Kingdom Divided Against Itself
The House of a Strong Man
To Blaspheme Against the Holy Ghost
Warning Against False Prophets


The Woman Who Bled
The Deaf Mute
Go Wash in the Pool of Siloam
The Leper
Nor Tell It to Any
See Thou Say Nothing to Any Man
According to Your Faith
The Centurions Son
Son Thy Sins Be Forgiven
Take Up Thy Bed and Walk
Neither Hath This Man Sinned
The Ten Lepers
Thy Faith Hath Made Thee Whole

The Excorcisms

Hold Thy Peace and Come Out of Him
The Man Possessed at Gergesa
The Epileptic Boy


Be not afraid, only believe
The Widows Son
Lazarus, Come Forth

Food and Drink

Water Into Wine
First Miracle of the Loaves
Second Miracle of the Loaves
Ye Did Eat of the Loaves

Control of the Weather and Elements

The Tempest Calmed
Jesus Walks on the Water

Blasting the Fig Tree

No Man Eat Fruit of Thee Hereafter
The Withered Fig Tree

Mysterious Passover Preparations

Preparations for the Passover

Transport Provided Fortuitously

The Entry into Jerusalem

Christ Not the Son of David

How Say They That Christ is David's Son?

Death and Resurrection


The God of the Living

Jesus Prophecies About Himself

Get Thee Behind Me, Satan
After Three Days I Will Rise
A Little While and Ye Shall Not See Me
Wither I Go, Ye Cannot Come
One of You Shall Betray Me
After Two Days is the Passover
The Son of Man Must be Lifted Up
But First He Must Suffer Many Things
If It Die, It Bringeth Forth Much Fruit
The Wicked Husbandmen
The Son of Man Shall Be Betrayed
Delivered Into the Hands of Men
In Three Days I Will Raise It Up
Will Ye Also Go Away
I Testify of the Evil of the World
Herod Will Kill Thee
Now is My Soul Troubled
Can Ye Drink of the Cup I Drink Of
A House of Many Mansions

Peace I Leave With You

Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled

Comments During the Passion

The Spirit is Ready, But the Flesh is Weak
Sleep On Now
Betrayest Thou The Son Of Man
Whom Seek Ye?
They That Take Up the Sword
Are Ye Come Out As Against a Thief
Ye Shall See The Son of Man
I Spake Openly to the World
If I Have Spoken Evil
Thou Sayest It
Herod Questions Jesus
Thou Couldest Have No Power
Father Forgive Them
Today Thou Shalt Be With Me
Woman, Behold Thy Son
I Thirst
Eloi Eloi Lama Sabachthani
It is Finished

Comments After Resurrection

Woman, Why Weepest Thou?
The Appearances
Ye Shall Be Baptized With the Holy Ghost

Prophecies About the Apostles

The Warning to Peter
Ye Shall Be Scattered
You Will Go to James the Righteous

The Holy Ghost

The Comforter
I Must Depart to Send the Comforter

The End Times

Signs and Portents

No Sign Shall Be Given
Can Ye Not Discern the Signs of the Times
When These Signs Come to Pass

Prophecy About Calamities

I Shall Destroy This House
O Jerusalem, Jerusalem
There Shall Not Be Left One Stone Upon Another
Thine Enemies Shall Cast a Trench About Thee
They Have Moses and the Prophets
Wars and Rumors of Wars
The Abomination of Desolation
Woe to Them That Are With Child
Blessed Are the Barren
Many Shall Come in My Name
As the Days of Noah Were
He Shall Gather Together His Elect
One Shall Be Taken, and the Other Left
I Beheld Satan as Lightning
He That Endures Unto the End
This Generation Shall Not Pass

About the Kingdom

Those Who Will See the Kingdom

Be Prepared

Wilt Thou Restore the Kingdom?
None Knows the Day or the Hour
Ye Know Not When the Master Cometh
A Wise and Faithful Servant
For as a Snare Shall It Come
The Neglectful Servant
In What Watch the Thief Would Come
The Ten Virgins With Lamps

The Kingdom of God

The Truth

The Truth Shall Make You Free

The New Way

New Cloth on an Old Garment
New Wine in Old Bottles

The Kingdom of God

The Kingdom of God is at hand
Preach Saying the Kingdom is at Hand
The Mustard Seed
The Leaven
The Woman Who Drops Grain
The Treasure in the Field
The Pearl of Great Price
The Swordsman's Practicing
The Fish
The Strongbox
The Talents
The Kingdom of God is Within You
What You Expect Has Come

The Hidden Light

I Am the All
The Images Are Manifest to Man

The Light Within

Whoever Knows the All
If You Bring Forth That Within Yourselves
He That is the Same

Confusing or Pointless-Seeming Sayings


The Beginning and the End
Blessed Is He Who Was
Release to Us Our Field
Give to the Angels and Prophets
The Son of a Harlot
You Test the Face of the Sky
She Too May Become a Living Spirit
Him Who Was Not Born of Woman
When You Have Become Two
When You See Your Likeness
Adam Would Not Have Tasted Death

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