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The images below were taken during family vacation to Kaui, Maui, Oahu and the Big Island in January, 1999 and July/August 2004. Thanks again to Ben and Donna for taking the family. Mahalo nui loa!

I'll be adding more images as time permits. For information on other Hawaiian-interest websites, go to the Links Page.


tikist.jpg (13124 bytes) These Tikis were identified to me as being for money, luck, and happiness, respectively. If anyone knows the Hawaiian names for them, or anything else about them, please write me at jfmorales@baharna.com. Thanks!

2004 Trip

Kauai - Waimea Canyon


Kauai - On the Road


Kauai - Wailua Fern Grotto and Opaeka‘a Falls


Kauai Coastline


Big Island, Hilo


Big Island, Kailua-Kona Arrival and Glass Bottom Boat


Kailua-Kona, House of Kamehameha



Kailua-Kona Around Town



Maui - Kuna Botanical Gardens





Maui - Haleakala and Surrounding Area


Roundabout Maui


Maui - Lahaina Arts Fair

These beautiful tikis are carved by Kalolo Tangatailoa. For more of his work, see Island Wood Carving Hawaii.


Off Maui - Molokini Crater Snorkeling and Maui Return


Oahu - Waikiki


Waikiki - International Marketplace


Oahu - Polynesian Cultural Center - Ao Tearoa (New Zealand) Section


Oahu - Polynesian Cultural Center - Easter Island Section


Oahu - Polynesian Cultural Center - Canoe Show (Hawaii Boat)


Oahu - Polynesian Cultural Center - Fiji Section


Oahu - Polynesian Cultural Center - Round About



1999 Trip

Byoto Buddhist Temple and adjoining Cemetary, Oahu

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Kailua-Kona area, Big Island

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Coffee Plantation, Kailua-Kona area

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Holualoa, Big Island

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Driving from Kailua to Hilo, Big Island

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Hawaii Tropical Botanical Garden, Hilo area, Big Island

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Akaka Falls, Big Island

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Border image from a photo of Hawaiian ferns by Loring Manley. © Copyright 1999 by Loring Manley.

All other photos and text © copyright 1999 & 2004 by Joseph Morales.

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