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  • Hawaii Books !!
    "Our purpose here is to provide you with the best possible on-line selection of books and CD's about our favorite island chain... Because we've read/heard them, we can tell you exactly what's in each book or CD. That way, you can find what you want without having to guess at what to buy !!"

  • The Island Bookshelf
    We try very hard (and mostly succeed) to carry every book about Hawaii that is currently in print."

  • Native Books Hawaii
    "Native Books carries over 2,000 titles, videos and educational materials that relate to Hawai'i and the Pacific. We represent the largest publishers from University of Hawai'i Press, Bishop Museum and Mutual Publishing to some of the smallest one-title, impossible to find presses like Halona Publishing, No'io, Manoa Press, Taro Top, Namkoong, Ka'imi Pono and many others."

  • Hawaiian Music Island
    "An enormous selection of Hawaiian and Tahitian music on CD and cassette— with Hawaiian slack key, `ukulele and Hawaiian steel guitar, in both contemporary and traditional Hawaiian musical styles—all in stock and competitively priced, available for immediate ordering and shipping."

  • Stevo's Hawaiian Music Guide
    "The Hawaiian Music Guide is an organized index to all the Hawaiian Music Sites on the Web, and provides additional resources on Hawaiian Music found only on this site. The sole purpose of the guide is to promote Hawaiian Music, the most beautiful music on earth."

  • Bishop Museum
    Museum of Hawaiian culture, with online shop.

  • Hawaiian Language: Ka `Ôlelo Hawai`i
    Beautiful site with Hawaiian language lessons and nice personal sharing. "The reasons to learn and cherish the Hawaiian language are many and varied. Ultimately, the desire...or the need...comes from within. I received the call to return home, "gift-wrapped in song and chant." . . .Whether your desire burns like a raging fire, glows softly, or just barely smolders, it is enough to get you started here."
  • Kalena's Hawaiian Resources
    Attractive site with links in useful categories: Home Away From Home, Hula, General, Meteorology and Geography, Languages, Culture, Hawaii News and Entertainment, Music.

  • Tikis of Hawaii
    Offers "genuine Hawaiian Tikis and other hand carved Polynesian wooden sculptures from the exotic South Seas. Island craftsmen individually carve all our pieces from dark hardwoods with painstaking attention to detail."

  • Hawaiian Magic
    A shopping mall and gallery with goods of Hawaiian origin.

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